The process of designing custom wood doors should be enjoyable and result in a stunning entryway that delights homeowners.

We’ve found that the secret to accomplishing this desire is through homeowner collaboration. Through each step of designing, building, and finishing your door – we listen to you and share our experience to collectively create an entryway that is unique, beautiful, and durable.

Creating custom wood doors for your home doesn’t need to be stressful. That’s why we’ve designed our processes of creating custom wood doors around service and collaboration to make your experience enjoyable.

Designing Your Door

Most homeowners start with inspiration. Perhaps you vividly remember a door that captured your imagination in childhood or an intriguing entry that stopped your page-turning in a magazine. Some say a door caught their eye while traveling.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, you can browse custom wood doors we’ve collaboratively designed and built with other homeowners.

As you browse, you’ll find that Doors by Decora custom wood doors are one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted doors you will be proud to have as you welcome guests to your home.

No matter where you found inspiration among so many beautiful options for custom wood doors, our first goal is to transfer that inspiration into a drawing that brings your entryway to life.

Having a good drawing helps you (and your interior designer and construction company) make decisions on door details. As you determine size and style, you’ll also make choices about materials.

For example, will you include glass – if so, how much and where will it go? Will glass look better on the top half or top third? Will you add sidelites or a transom?

Further, when glass is desired, what’s the most suitable glass type and glass finish to meet your efficiency, privacy, and safety goals?

Similarly, custom wood doors can be made from different wood species. Which one will be best for you based on your design and climate?

Homeowners can get overwhelmed with questions and decisions like these, but don’t worry. We help make it pleasant instead of stress-filled. We walk through each step, listen to your needs and preferences, and explain options along the way.

You can also get inspiration by browsing custom wood doors we’ve collaboratively designed and built with other homeowners.

Building Your Door

With your custom front door designed and all your preferences established, we move to hand-crafting your door.

Every piece of wood we use is kiln-dried for durability and consistency and hand-selected for each custom wood door.

Each door is built using our innovative building processes that provide long-lasting quality. For example, our floating panels allow your door to expand and contract inward. This is so your door opens and closes correctly regardless of the outside temperature and humidity.

All of our custom wood doors go through multiple stations to ensure quality and that all technical specifications are met with precision.

While your custom wood door is being cut, assembled, sanded, and prepped for finishing, our in-house artisan glass team designs, cuts, and assembles the glass for your entryway.

Even the glass in your custom wood door is customized for your needs. For example, you may enjoy an intricate stained glass design, a textured glass, or hurricane-resistant safety glass.

Finishing Your Door

This finishing stage is when custom wood doors come to life with your personality.

You choose the stain color and finish to coordinate with your home. The more common stain colors include cherry, English chestnut, and dark walnut. You can see examples of how different stains look on various wood species.

Another element to finishing your custom wood doors are the door hardware and door accessories you choose. Doors by Decora carries high-quality door hardware from brands like Baldwin, Rocky Mountain, Schlage, and Acorn.

Door hardware and door accessories can match nearly any look – distressed, bronze, brass, stainless, or gold, for example.

When your door is ready, we can install (locally) or ship it to your home. We ship doors all over the country – ready for installation. For instance, custom wood doors can be ordered with a jamb. We size (pre-hang) it to the jamb – precut for hinges and hardware.

If desired, you can even have your entire door unit shipped primed or unfinished, so that a local artisan can finish it for you.

Get Inspiration

Creating your dream entryway is easier than you think. We are a one-stop door shop that has built service and collaboration into every step of our process. We’ve done so to make designing your custom front door enjoyable and fun.

Contact us today. We look forward to working together to make your dream entryway come to life.

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