Mid Century Modern Doors

Mid-century modern was a significant design movement that began in the 1930s and ran until about 1965.  The goal of this movement was to bring modernism into America’s post-war suburbs.  Our mid century modern doors are a fundamental part of our Contemporary Collection. These doors are characterized by designs that are meant to be noticed.  Many of these doors feature art nouveau inspired stained glass designs.  You can see a few of our favorite mid century modern doors below or View All Contemporary Doors.

Design Elements of Mid Century Modern Doors

Our mid-century modern doors use some of the same design features that made the design movement so popular.  First of all,  mid-century modern design was characterized by an integration with nature.  As a result, all of our mid-century modern doors are made using the finest hardwoods available.  Nothing says nature like having a solid wood door on your home.  You can choose from many different species of wood and stain colors to achieve the exact look you are going for.

In addition, many of our mid-century modern doors feature design elements that are clean and simplistic.  So, on our mid-century modern styles, we have removed our standard raised molding and frequently will incorporate elements like flat panels and minimalistic features.

However, if you desire something a little more flashy, we can also add stained glass windows to any of our doors.  We have our own in-house stained glass studio so we can design something simple that is in keeping with the style.

Many of these details are featured in the doors below, or you can view all of our Contemporary Doors.

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