Mid-Century Modern Front Doors

From the 1930s to the mid 1960s, a new design movement was sweeping the country.  Characterized by clean simplicity and an integration with nature, mid-century modern focused on meeting the needs of the average American family.  You will find that Doors by Decora’s mid-century modern front doors are a fundamental part of our Contemporary Collection. These doors are characterized by designs that are simple in form, but still designed to be noticed.  Many of these doors feature art nouveau inspired stained glass designs.  You can see a few of our favorite mid-century modern front doors below or View All Contemporary Doors.

Design Elements of Mid-Century Modern Front Doors

Our mid-century doors share many design elements with the original style characteristics.  First of all, we try to make these designs simplistic and true to the original movement.  One of the ways we achieve this is by removing our tradition raised molding.  Another way that we simplify these doors is by exchanging our traditional raised panel with a cleaner looking flat panel.

Mid-century modern architecture is also characterized by the intentional opening up of interior spaces and bringing the outdoors in.  You can also achieve this by adding glass or leaded glass to any of our mid-century modern front doors.  These designs can be simple designs containing just beveled glass designs, or intricate designs with bold colors added to the design.

Many of these details are featured in the doors below, or you can view all of our Contemporary Doors.

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