Door Jambs and Transoms

Pictured below, you will find our standard styles of door jambs and transoms.  Many builders also refer to jambs as door frames.  All of our jambs and transoms are custom built to your order, giving us the ability to build it to fit any new or existing opening. If you need something unusual, we are the people to call! There are many examples of situations where you could need a custom door jamb. Once we built a jamb for a home with a 22″ wall thickness! We have even built a jamb to put a pair of radius top doors into a rectangular stone opening.

In addition, all of our frames are made out of the wood of your choice with sidelites and/or transoms. These can also come pre-hung with the door of your choice.  We can provide you with anything from a complete paint grade unit, to a paint grade jamb and a beautiful stained door, to a complete stained unit.  Most of all, our door consultants would love to talk with you and help you find the right unit for your individual project.

Jamb drawing for two sidelines                    Rectangular jamb drawing for double doors                    Jamb drawing for a single door

Rectangular jamb for double doors with sidelines                    Segment jamb for single door                    Segment jamb with sidelines

Segment jamb for double doors                    Segment jamb for double doors                    Segment jamb for double doors with sidelitesRadius jamb for a single door                    Jamb for double doors                    Radius jamb for a single door with transom

Radius jamb for double doors with transom

Transom Styles For Above Jambs

Rectangular transom drawing                    Segment top transom drawing                   Radius transom drawing

Extended leg radius transom drawing