Rustic 1-Lite Plank Hobbit Mahogany Wood Front Door – DbyD-5125

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We often get requests to design and build unusual entry doors. Janet and Randy French lost their home in a fire and set out to in build a “timber-frame” home to replace it. They found a old barn that was built in the 1800’s near Logansport, Indiana and had it dismantled and reassembled to fit their property. They added many interesting features to the home in this process, probably the most striking is the “Round Green Front Door”.

Janet wanted a door like the Bilbo Baggins’ door in the book “The Hobbit”. She knew it would have to be custom built and found Doors By Decora on the web. She contacted owner J.K. Jones and described what she wanted with the door handle near the center of the door and a small round window. The Doors By Decora team took it from there and produced shop drawings for her final approval, green stain samples, and hardware.

The custom round entry door was built with a mahogany round jamb, prehung, stained and finished, crated and shipped to Indiana ready to be installed in this unique home. You can Click Here to read an interesting article written about this home and see a picture of the door after it was installed as well as other pictures of the home.

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rustic speakeasy plank door
rustic speakeasy door
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