Divided Lite 6-Lite 1-Panel TDL Walnut Wood Entry Double Doors with Custom Carving – DbyD-2095

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  • Divided Lite TDL Front Doors
  • 36″ x 80″ x 1 3/4″ double doors (as shown, any size available)
  • Wood Species Shown: Walnut (other wood species available)
  • Glass Option Shown: Clear Flemish Glass
  • Stain Color: Dark Walnut
  • Hardware: Baldwin Reserve Westcliff Handleset
  • These doors can be found on a custom home in Midland, Texas.  The homeowners are in the oil business in Texas and they wanted their doors to reflect that.  We had custom carvings commissioned for each side of their doors.  These doors replaced a single door with two sidelites on the front of their home.  Even though these doors are rectangular, the radius glass opening gives you the impression at first glance that they are radius top doors.  You can see in the additional photo what the old unit looked like.  Originally, we were only asked to do one door, but during the process, the homeowners were so impressed that they added four more units!  One job was to replace the back door coming into the home, another job was to replace the garage door coming from the garage into the home, and finally we did this pair of french doors in their living room.
  • Glass options include: clear, beveled, leaded, textured
  • All glass options can be tempered and dual pane insulated
  • All of our wooden doors are made from the finest hardwoods available.  No engineered or “core” materials are used in the construction of our doors to ensure optimal performance and unmatched beauty and quality
  • We are happy to finish any of our doors with our selections of stains or prime the unit so that it can be painted upon delivery.  However, any door unit may also be purchased unfinished.  Read our Finishing & Maintenance Instructions
  • We offer factory pre-hanging with all of our door units.  Doors may also be purchased as a slab if desired
  • All of our doors can be sold cut for the hardware of your choice.  Visit our selection of hardware
  • If you are outside of our local service area, or would like to install your doors yourself, please read our Install Instructions
  • Warranty information
  • FAQ


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divided lite 6 lite tdl door
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