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Doors by Decora was commissioned by the NU Chapter of Kappa Alpha to create a leaded glass window for the Kappa Alpha Fraternity House at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama. Mr. James Hammond provided the basic design and artwork that were to be incorporated into this stunning stained glass window. Mr. Hammond, an Auburn Kappa Alpha alumni, donated this Stained Glass Window to the Kappa Alpha Fraternity house.

Shown in the gallery is the Kappa Alpha painted crest. The crest is painted on a piece of white opaque glass and fired. Each element in the design has a special significance to the Kappa Alpha Order.

The colors of The Kappa Alpha Order are traditionally Crimson (at Auburn referred to as “RED” for obvious reasons) and Old Gold. The colors represent the blood sacrificed and treasures spent in defense of Christianity.
The flowers of the Order are the crimson rose and the magnolia blossom. The crimson rose represents masculine might and the white magnolia blossom represents purity. The flowers of the Order, and a ribbon featuring the Order’s motto adorn the bottom of the crest.

The crest itself is representative of several things. The hand holding the axe is representative of the continuing power of the Knight Commander and of the Order. The Helmet was, at one time, a symbol used by the Knight Commander of the Order. The badge is featured at the center of the crest, and the lions on either side represent different things each. The lion on the left, looking away, symbolizes “rampant”, meaning magnanimous. The lion on the right, looking toward you, symbolizes “regardent”, which means cautious or circumspect. The design of the crest, featuring both lions, suggests that a balance is needed in life.

The Kappa Alpha Order motto is “Dieu et les Dames” (God and the Ladies) and is written on the ceiling of the Mississippi Capitol.

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Butterflies shown in stained glass.
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