Doors by Decora has been designing and building high-quality, solid wood, custom exterior doors for homeowners like you since 1968.

We believe front doors shouldn’t be boring or cookie-cutter. Instead, they should make a statement, look beautiful, and be built to last. This is why Doors by Decora custom exterior doors are one-of-a-kind — collaboratively designed and hand-crafted just for you and your home.

Have you considered what kind of statement you want your front door to make? Many communities are built with a standard look, where each neighbor’s door is the same or similar.

However, some homeowners prefer their front doors to be an extension of their own personal style. If you want an entryway that stands out in a way that makes you proud, contact us. We would enjoy helping you create a custom-made wood exterior door that you will enjoy for years to come.

Collaborative Door Design

A custom exterior door begins with your input. What would you like to see in your entryway? What kind of personal touches would you like to display? At Doors by Decora, our process starts with a custom door design that focuses on your desired features and is designed around your home’s personality and presence.

Have you begun narrowing down your preferences? Whether you’ve sketched your ideas out on your napkin, pinned some images on Pinterest or saved clippings from a home and garden magazine that speak to what you’d like for your home, we want to hear about it. A custom design is a time of collaboration, and when you’re going to invest in a custom exterior door with personal touches, it’s important to work with a door builder that welcomes your input.

As a matter of fact, that’s what we do with every project. We collaborate with customers like you to custom design each door we build. Every door is unique – designed and hand-crafted for each homeowner. And that gives you a lot of flexibility.

Because every door we build is built to order, your door can be any custom size, custom shape, quality wood species, and glass type you desire. Your front door can be further custom designed and built around your preferences for style, light, aesthetics, energy-efficiency, privacy, and security.

By starting with design, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners (and their luxury home builders) transform their entryways into an engaging focal point and main character of their home’s story. Get in touch if you’d like to start a discussion about your custom door.

Doors by Decora has been designing and building custom exterior doors since 1968.

You deserve a custom exterior door that makes a statement about your home – not a cookie-cutter, boring prefab door that all your neighbors have.

Contact us. We would love to design and build your home’s custom front door and entryway. Share some details, photos, or sketches with us, and we’ll get to work creating the entryway you’ve been dreaming of.

Lasting quality and beauty.

For more than fifty years, we’ve handcrafted one-of-a-kind, quality wood exterior doors for thousands of homeowners worldwide.

Along the way, we’ve set and continually reset the standards of high-quality wood custom exterior doors. For example, our “floating panels” and “stain steep” innovations work together to maintain a superb finish when the doors’ floating panels expand and contract to eliminate warping and splitting.

Over time, less expensive and poorly made exterior doors warp, crack, and expose unfinished wood to the elements – and become your guests’ first impression.

Instead, your Doors by Decora entryway will continue to impress your guests, remain beautiful, and last decades with minimal maintenance.

When it comes to custom exterior doors — Doors by Decora wins with experience, quality, innovation, attention to detail, and personalized service.

Personalized service with helpful advice.

The quality and personalization of service you receive are important to us.

Having your involvement allows for meaningful feedback that makes your custom entryway fit your needs perfectly.

We also often serve as advisors along the way, sharing our experience with homeowners so they can make informed decisions at each step.

Be ready to collaborate on your door design, wood choice, color or stain, finish, and hardware. Next, we’ll keep you and your builder updated through manufacturing and scheduling the shipping or installation of your custom exterior door.

Need more detail about our process? Call us.

Need ideas to get your creative juices flowing? Take a look at these custom exterior doors.

Are you ready to move from cookie-cutter to custom? We’re ready to hear your ideas!

Contact us. Let’s get started on your home’s custom entryway.

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