We design and build custom doors for homes, businesses, and places of worship.

Doors by Decora is a three-generation custom wood door manufacturer with interior and exterior doors proudly used by homeowners and recommended by architects, interior designers, and builders throughout the United States.

When you visit us online and submit a request for a custom front door quote, it’s not just data to us. It begins a friendship and is the first step to a future entryway for your home.

After fifty years of building custom doors, we understand your front door’s many roles. It’s your home’s beautiful focal point and is there to represent and protect your family. It also plays a role in welcoming friends and saying hard goodbyes. Over time and unlike other parts of your home, it somehow becomes a little like family.

Here’s what you can expect when sending a request through our website.

Custom Door Price Request

When requesting a quote on a custom door or doors, we will prepare and deliver your itemized quote(s) typically within one business day. Look for your personalized quote in your email inbox. We’ll contact you by phone or email for clarification if we have any questions.

Tip: Please check your email’s spam folder if you haven’t received your quote within a business day.

Questions and Calls

We enjoy sharing our expertise and partnering with homeowners, architects, and builders to design custom doors and select the right woods, finishes, glass, and hardware. We typically respond to your submitted questions by email within one business day. If you request a call, we will call you within the same time frame.

You can also reach us at our showroom during business hours. Stop by or call (800) 359-7557.

Because your door is entirely custom designed and built, we can take your specific needs into account

As You Order

Help with Key Decisions

Once you’ve received and reviewed your personalized front door quote, we are here to answer your questions – in person, by phone, or by email. During this step, we often help homeowners make crucial decisions that enhance their front door’s beauty, utility, and longevity.

Because your door is entirely custom designed and built, we can take your specific needs into account – like finishes, hardware, glass choices, privacy, and security. Details like suggesting wood species based on your home’s climate go a long way in ensuring your door exceeds your expectations.

We’ll also review shipping and installation options to make the “last mile” go smoothly.

Once You Order

Your Custom Door is Built

Once you’ve placed your order, our team finalizes your plans with you.

Your Decora Door uses the finest quality kiln-dried hardwoods, handpicked by our door artisans, to enhance your door’s specific look and desired finish.

Our in-house glass artisans begin work in our glass studio for doors that feature custom glass (like leaded, beveled, textured, or stained glass).

You and your custom door benefit from combined decades-old proven processes and innovative proprietary processes that virtually eliminate warping, splitting, sagging, peeling, or unfinished wood exposure.

The final steps are finishing and preparing your order for delivery and installation. Lead times vary by season and market demand, but when your order is ready, you’ll receive an update from us to finalize the delivery and installation schedule. Don’t hesitate to call or email if you have questions while your door is being built.

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