Builder Associate Program

We currently offer a Builder Associate Program where builders can receive compensation for promoting our products and referring prospects to us. We are actively soliciting new quality builders to join our Builder Associate Program.

About The Builder Associate Program
Doors By Decora is in the business of designing, manufacturing, finishing, and marketing custom door systems and leaded, beveled and stained glass and other related products. Our prospects are generated by referrals from former customers, architects, interior designers, decorators, and builders as well as our advertising and website on the internet and dealer network. We have salesmen and a showroom and market direct in our local trade area in and around Montgomery, Alabama. We also sell direct in areas where we do not have active dealers. You will find our staff is very knowledgeable and accustomed to providing technical support to our prospects. You can select from the “Lead Pass Program” or our “Builders Direct Associate Program” as described below:

Lead Pass Program
Doors By Decora has set up a “Lead Pass Program” for Associates who want to point their clients to a reputable door manufacturer that will assist their client in selecting quality doors for their project. Doors By Decora will communicate with the builder so he can be assured of getting what he needs when he needs it that will not only fit his opening but enhance the looks of the finished project. If this is what you are looking for you will find Doors By Decora a “Great Partner”. We have over 25 years experience in working directly with homeowners, their architects, builders and decorators all over the United States, Hawaii as well as many foreign countries. We are a small family owned company that pays extreme attention to details. You will find our staff friendly as well as very knowledgeable as most have had hands on in designing, building, finishing, and even installing doors, mantels and hardware. We feel that you will find us not only to be a valuable asset for your business but a “New Friend” that you can rely on and consult with. Our website shows over 500 pictures of entry doors we have designed and built from all over the United States. Many of these pictures were taken and sent to us by our customers to to tell us how proud they are of their finished project. This program is designed where you can “Lead Pass” a prospect to our company. We will contact them to discuss their project. We will help them in selecting the right door from one of our standards or design something custom for them. You will find us to be “Helpful Consultants” NOT “Aggressive Sales People”. When the selection is made we will provide shop drawings and a formal approval package for you and your client to approve. When approved we will build it, finish it, ship it, and collect for it and send you a “Lead Pass Check”. We will be available to you to consult with you about installation or anything else we can help with. You can Click Here To See What Our Customers Say About Us.

How it Works
You should discuss our doors with your client to find out as much about their interest as possible, make your recommendations and E-Mail us a Lead Pass Form. It would also be helpful to call and talk with us and give us as much first hand information as possible. We will acknowledge the Lead Pass by E-Mail and contact your prospect. We will work the sales lead from that point. We will welcome your continued input and interest and will copy you in on all of our correspondence with your prospect and share as much information as you wish with you. We will assume all responsibility for quoting, sales follow up, shop drawings, order confirmation and approval, shipping, and collections. You will be notified when we get an order and when it is shipped. We will send your “Lead Pass Check” with in 10 days of the date the order is shipped and paid for. We have brochures and other sales aids available as well as our website.

Builder Direct Associate Program
We offer a Builder Direct Associate Program for builders that want to control all the communication between us and their clients. If you are in the Builder Direct Associate Program you will be responsible for providing us with the information to do your quotes. You will be given pricing at your cost and you will need add your mark-up and give your quote to your client. We have brochures and other sales aids available to help make you successful. You will be asked to place a link on your website to our website. Our sales staff is always available to help answer questions and provide you with custom quotes or even talk with your client if needed. We try and turn all quotes around in 24 hours. We will gladly provide you with shop drawings and other aids to help you sell. We build everything to your order so custom designs and sizes are not a problem. You will have access to our staff to help you with any questions. When you place an order we will provide you with a detailed order confirmation package including detailed shop drawings for your approval. As a member of the Builder Direct Associate Program you will also be able to selectively use the “Lead Pass” program.

Want to Learn More About or Sign Up to Become a Member of the Doors By Decora Dealer or Marketing Associate Program?
CALL US at 1-800-359-7557

Doors By Decora is actively seeking to expand our Associate Program around the country. We invite you to contact us if you are interested in finding out more about the financial rewards of participating in this program.

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