Farmhouse Style Homes

Credit: Thanks to Home Bunch and M House Development for sharing this Farmhouse style home.

Farmhouse homes focus on uncomplicated lines and visual symmetry. They use the contrast of color, materials, and sizes to enhance the presence of the home – where the entryway is often a focal point, with the rest of the house extending around it. Deep porches with sturdy wood columns accent the entry, while roof lines above the entrance are frequently gabled with rustic wood trim or small window features.

Popular Farmhouse Colors

A farmhouse-style home commonly includes white or off-white siding and black or dark accents.

Distinct Farmhouse Characteristics

Some other specific Farmhouse attributes include:

  • Sturdy wood look columns
  • Gabled roof lines
  • Vertical board and vertical batten siding
  • Metal accents, like railings and braces

Farmhouse Front Doors

Farmhouse front doors offer a warm welcome to guests by allowing them to see into the home with generous glass panes. Glass panes in farmhouse front doors are oversized yet simple. Four large glass panes are the most common in farmhouse-style doors but can also incorporate 2 or 6 panes. While glass panes are most commonly clear or slightly imperfect, homeowners may elect to use textured glass for added privacy.

The bottom-third of farmhouse front doors are generally wood with simple raised or accented panels. Doors by Decora use a unique to us feature called “floating panels” that allow the wood panels to contract and expand through temperature changes without cracking, warping, or changing the door’s dimensions.

Farmhouse door hardware is often dark and unpolished, providing a look of subtle sophistication and stature.

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Craftsman Style Homes

Craftsman-style homes play on angles with low-pitched rooflines, dormers with clustered windows, and protruding window awnings. Craftsman homes often have deep overhangs and ample porches with tapered columns. Contrasting materials like stone, cedar shakes, and horizontal siding all highlight the home’s personality.

Popular Craftsman Colors

Colors for craftsman-style homes often include different shades of the same color. Colors like clay and beige hues, grays, and greens are popular among Craftsman homes.

Distinct Craftsman Characteristics

Some other specific Craftsman attributes include:

Credit: Thanks to homedit for sharing this Craftsman style home.

Craftsman Front Doors

Craftsman-style front doors highlight deep rich wood tones and detailed accents like crown dental trim. Windows are often smaller, covering the top third of the door’s height. Glass panes are commonly smaller and often use artistically stained or textured glass.

Glass in Craftsman doors commonly has a wood ledge below, decorated with deep and sturdy dental molding. The wood panels below generally include two or three tall rectangular panels.

Door hardware on Craftsman front doors generally includes satin or matte finished across color ranges – from bronze to nickel or steel. Hardware is often more significant, with large plates, ornamental details, and slight imperfections reminding its users of hand-made forged metalwork.

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