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Sunday, February 18, 2018
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       3332 Atlanta Highway
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Fax - 334-279-5470 | Email Us

Stain Colors

Shown below are some of the most popular stain colors for several species of wood to help you in your selection.  The stain colors on your finished door may vary from the samples shown below due to variances in the lighting while taking the photographs or the color settings on your monitor or printer.  Something to remember is that wood comes from a living breathing tree and the reason most people select a wood door is for the warm natural look that it gives to their home.  Doors By Decora hand selects all the wood used in our doors for the best match in grain and color but since wood is a natural product these characteristics will vary in every inch of every board. That is part of its beauty.  It is important to realize that wood changes colors when exposed to light and air.  Mahogany, for instance, will darken; this means that 2 boards that start off the same may darken differently.  It is recommended that hardwood doors be stained before applying the finish.  The stain tones the wood to go with its surroundings and helps even out color variations that may occur over time.     (We will be glad to provide you with an actual stain sample on the wood you choose for your door with your approval package if requested.)

 Mahogany Stain Samples

  • Cherry on Mahogany

    Cherry Stain on Mahogany
  • Dark Walnut on Mahogany

    Dark Walnut Stain on Mahogany
  • English Chestnut on Mahogany

    English Chestnut Stain on Mahogany
  • Penetrating Brown on Mahogany

    Penetratng Brown Stain on Mahogany
  • Ebony on Mahogany

    Ebony Stain on Mahogany
  • Red Masogany on Mahogany

    Red Mahogany Stain on Mahogany
  • Traditional Mahogany on Mahogany

    Traditional Mahogany Stain on Mahogany

 Knotty Alder Stain Samples

  • Colonial Maple on Alder

    Colonial Maple Stain
  • Dark Walnut on Alder

    Dark Walnut Stain
  • Highlighted Cherry on Alder

    Highlighted Cherry Stain
  • Penetrating Brown on Alder

    Penetrating Brown Stain
  • Carmel on Alder

    Carmel Stain

Distressed Cypress Stain Samples

  • Hawthorne on Cypress

    Hawthorne Stain
  • Covered Bridge on Cypress

    Covered Bridge Stain
  • Woodridge on Cypress

    Woodridge Stain
  • Crossroads on Cypress

    Crossroads Stain



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