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       3332 Atlanta Highway
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Fax - 334-279-5470 | Email Us

 Baldwin Images

For more than 50 years Baldwin Brass has set the standard of exellence in decorative hardware.  Baldwin Brass has become the "Name Brand" for traditional style, quality, and innovation in the hardware industry.  Most of the Baldwin Images Hardware pictured below are available in all finishes.  The finish is designated by the last 3 digits in the style number (for example -003 is Polished Brass Lifetime Finish).  Baldwin Images Hardware has a Cylinder Locking Function and can be Single Cylinder (keyed on outside with turn piece on the inside) or Double Cylinder (keyed on both sides).


Baldwin Images Cylinder Handlesets 

  • Baldwin Canterbury 5305-003 Baldwin Images
    5305-003 Knob 
  • Baldwin Canterbury 5305-112 Lever Baldwin Images
    5305-112 Lever 
  • Baldwin Logan 5315-003 Knob Baldwin Images
    5315-003 Knob
  • Baldwin Madison 5320-003 Knob Baldwin Images
    5320-003 Knob
  • Baldwin Bethpage 5327-003 Knob Baldwin Images
    5327-003 Knob
  • Baldwin Logan 5335-112 Knob Baldwin Images
    5335-112 Knob
  • 5337-112 Bethpage EE Knob Baldwin Images
    Bethpage EE
    5337-112 Knob
  • Baldwin Landon 5345-056/2ENT Lever Baldwin Images
    Landon 2ENT
    5345-056 Lever
  • Baldwin Landon 1ENT 5345-056 Knob Baldwin Images
    Landon 1ENT
    5345-056 Knob
  • Baldwin Manchester 5350-003 Lever Baldwin Images
    5350-003 Lever
  • Baldwin Stonegate EE 5355-003 Lever Baldwin Images
    Stonegate EE
    5355-003 Knob
  • Baldwin Stonegate EE 5355-112 Lever Baldwin Images
    Stonegate EE
    5355-112 Lever
  • Baldwin Blakely 5360-003 Knob Baldwin Images
    5360-003 Knob 
  • Baldwin Ashton 2ENT 5365-102 Lever Baldwin Images
    Ashton 2ENT
    5365-102 Lever
  • Baldwin Nantucket 5370-151 Knob Baldwin Images
    5370-151 Knob
  • Baldwin Glennon 5375-150 Knob Baldwin Images
    5375-150 Knob
  • Baldwin Buckingham 5380-151 Knob Baldwin Images
    5380-151 Knob
  • Baldwin Soho 2ENT 5385-264 Lever Baldwin Images
    Soho 2ENT
    5385-264 Lever
  • Baldwin Boulder EE 6401-050 Lever Baldwin Images
    Devonshire EE
    6401-050 Lever 
  • Baldwin Boulder EE 6402-402 Knob Baldwin Images
    Boulder EE
    6402-402 Knob
  • Baldwin Cody EE 6403-452 Knob Baldwin Images
    6403-452 Knob
  • Bristol Sectional Handleset 6420-056 Baldwin Estate
    Bristol Sectional Handleset
  • Kensington Small Handleset 6426-151 Baldwin Estate
    Kensington Small Handleset

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