Contemporary Door – DbyD-5416

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This Contemporary Front Entryway is installed in a home located on Lake Jordan built by a local CPA. This environmentally friendly home even has a system that circulates water from the lake for heating and cooling the home. This picture is of the inside pair of doors on the air lock (foyer) at the front entry. This is a pair of 36″ X 84″ Mahogany Doors with Raised Molding on both sides. We designed and built this Leaded Beveled Glass to represent the flames on the surface of the sun in the center radiating out to warm the earth.

The doors were stained and finished with a Dark Walnut Stain on one side and an Ebony Stain on the other side and were installed by Doors By Decora. The Hardware is Baldwin.

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These modern doors feature a large rondel set into the leaded glass of each door.The clean lines in the leaded glass in these eight foot tall double doors give them a modern feel.