Craftsman Door – DbyD-4028

This 36″ X 80″ One Lite with a Segment Top over One Raised V-Grooved Panel Door was custom designed and constructed for the retirement home of my brother and his wife in Atlanta, Georgia. The door was built of Cherry and stained and finished using Minwax Red Mahogany stain. It has a heavy Craftsman Style Arched Molding applied above the glass and Ledge and Dental Molding under the glass on the exterior of the door. The glass is insulated tempered leaded textured clear and stained glass with a hand painted pineapple medallion in the center. The pineapple medallion required 6 firings to impregnate the glass with the different colors and shading that made up the pineapple design. Doors By Decora is a distributor for most of the major brands of hardware and we selected the Emtek Arts & Crafts Full Length Tubular Handleset in a Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish to add the final touch to this Craftsman Entry.

We are often asked what door will look best on my home? Should I have glass in my door and how do I select the glass? Let me tell you the story of this door! Hopefully it will show you how we help customers every day answer these questions.
When John and Gail decided it was time to retire and smell the roses they found and bought an existing home with some acreage on the outskirts of Atlanta to be their retirement home. Even though they said they were downsizing they actually wound up with about the same footage but it was arranged to better fit their lifestyle in retirement and with their 3 boys married with families and homes of their own. John now has a large woodworking shop in a separate building next to the house with easy access for large tools and materials he uses to build and refurbish furniture.
This older home reflected the taste of its previous owners and needed some updating to compliment John and Gail’s furnishings and lifestyle. They quickly addressed these issues and got settled in. They were now ready to address the front door.

The existing door was a builders grade metal door with a standard glass design that they considered to be very plain and unattractive. Looking at Gail’s furnishings it was obvious that their tastes lean towards what I would consider to be country, arts and crafts, traditional, or craftsman designs so we started by clicking and looking at the pictures of Craftsman Style Doors on our website. All of the existing interior doors in the house are two V-Grooved MDF panel doors and the top panel is arched. Their foyer does not have a window and we quickly decided we needed some glass in the door to let light in and make it easy to see who was at the door before opening it. Because of concerns about privacy Gail wanted to keep the glass area small and we provided further privacy by using textured glass in the glass design. John liked the arched glass opening in DbyD-4151 on our website and the arch complimented the interior doors. After discussing a number of options and looking at pictures of other door styles on our website we decided on doing the bottom panel with V-Grooves like those in DbyD-2426 further carrying through the look of the interior doors.

Next was a discussion of the glass design. Gail had shown me a carved figurine of a girl holding a pineapple that she liked and we discussed that the pineapple was considered to be a welcome sign to guests. We decided to use it as the focal point in the leaded glass design. The yellow inside border was added to help bring out the yellow in the pineapple.

We prepared a shop drawing of the door for John and Gail to review and approve. The hardware was selected by looking at the Hardware Page on our website and visiting our showroom. The picture below shows the Leaded Glass after completion in our glass studio and before installing it in the door. We delivered and installed the entry on their home in Atlanta.

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This beautiful craftsman style entrance features true divided lites and raised v-groove panels.This craftsman style door features a wrought iron grill in the side lite.