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Monday, March 19, 2018
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       3332 Atlanta Highway
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Estate Exterior Wood Front Entry Door Style DbyD-1360

A recent customer from New York state -- that found us on the internet and ordered from there -- sent us these pictures of her home and a timeline of what the process was to remodel the front of her home and install one of our custom door units.

Rosemarie Malizia Libertelli chose a lovely double Segment Top Full Lite Doors made from Sapele Mahogany. We custom designed and built the glass. She selected the color and textures of glass used in the swirled clusters. We insulated the glass with Clear Tempered glass on both sides to assist in protecting the glass and to give it maximum energy efficiency with the drastic climate changes in New York. She chose Valspar Dark Cherry as her stain color and we finished the doors with a Satin Finish. The hardware Mrs. Libertelli selected was the Baldwin Bristol Mortise handle set in Distressed Antique Nickel.

Take a look at the photo below showing the home BEFORE the remodeling began. 

This is a major remodel and the second picture shows the size and shape of the opening after the existing entryway was removed and the siding had been torn off the house. You can tell that the Libertelli's had a lot of other work done to their home to complete this project.

The third picture is of the crate coming off of the freight truck. We ship by common carrier and have perfected the way we crate and package our units to protect them. The picture shows the crate being opened and the entryway being taken out -- piece by piece, as recommended.  Unlike most interior doors these doors are solid mahogany with triple insulated glass and are very heavy. After they have been sized, fit to the jamb, cut for hinges and hardware, and finished the doors are then carefully boxed separately and put in the crate with the jamb.  This helps prevent damaging the doors during shipping and installation and will also make it easier on the installer since the doors need to be removed from the jamb while squaring and installing the jamb.

The next picture in this series shows the jamb (frame) being moved towards the house.  The large jamb has been stained and finished but without the doors is light enough to be handled easily during installation without damaging it. 


The picture below shows the installer fastening the jamb to the wall.  Our instructions call for the jamb to be squared and leveled using at least a 72" level and shims and then fastened to the wall using long sheet rock screws (usually 3" or longer) placed behind the sidelites or weather stripping so they can't be seen.  The jamb should be properly caulked and firmly attached to the wall.  Notice that the opening has been enlarged and now has a curved top ready to receive the doors.


In the picture below the installer is hanging the door in the jamb by screwing the hinges into the doors and jamb.  If the jamb has been properly squared, leveled, and fastened  to the wall this will be a snap.


The entry below is now properly installed ready to install the hardware and wait for the contractor to put his siding on the house.

What a difference this unit makes in the look of this home!!! 

Congratulations, Rosemarie Malizia Libertelli on your new Doors!!! Thank you for sharing the pictures with us and letting us have a part in your remodel!

We love them!!!!


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