Our Arts And Crafts Doors

The Arts and Crafts movement was an international movement in the decorative and fine arts that began in Britain and flourished in Europe and North America between about 1880 and 1920.  It stood for traditional craftsmanship using simple forms or folk styles of decoration.  The art form was popularized in furniture styles as much as it was in beautiful stained glass designs.  Our design experts use these simple designs to make some of the most beautiful doors.

Doors by Decora’s Arts and Crafts doors are a fundamental part of our Craftsman Collection. These doors feature simple wood and/or glass designs.  Due to the fact that all of our doors are custom designed and built, our customers can request many of these can be made to include stained glass designs inspired from traditional arts and crafts designs.  You will see a few of our favorite arts and crafts doors below or you can View All Craftsman Doors.

Design Elements of Arts And Crafts Doors

At Doors by Decora, we use many design elements so our doors look like they just came off a traditional arts and crafts style home.  Many of our craftsman styles feature True Divided Lights (TDL) and classic v-groove panels.  Our TDL designs are frequently highlighted by simple beveled edge glass pieces which add a touch of elegance.  Another design element of Arts and Crafts doors are flat panels. Due to the simple design of the flat panel, these doors emphasize the beautify of the arts and crafts movement.

Stained glass was an important part of the Arts and Crafts movement.  Many of these stained glass designs feature folk elements and geometric patterns.  Since we custom design and build each door, we can add a beautiful piece of stained glass art to almost any of our Arts and Crafts doors.

Many of these details are featured in the doors below, or you can view all of our Craftsman Doors.